What is Warehouse Fulfilment?

What is Warehouse Fulfilment and How Does it Work?

We all know time is money, but so is space. A space full of goods sitting unused on a shelf is costing you money, but so is an empty space that causes an idle production line waiting for stock. Business today needs an intricate network to seamlessly receive goods, hold them, sort them and distribute them on time and at the best possible price.

Warehouse Storage

A warehouse is a place to store goods until needed, safely and cost-effectively. The goods received must be stored and sorted and tracked in such a way that they can be retrieved and moved to a transport bay quickly and efficiently when needed. You would normally own or rent a warehouse and pay staff to manage the process.

Delivery would be to a factory or a wholesaler or retailer. It is a flat distribution system, with much money wasted moving goods from storage to storage to smaller stores. You would spend a fortune on space and people and equipment to receive, move and keep track of goods. You spent money on outside stuff, not your core business.


In the meantime, your distribution has become steeper or wider or both. You will receive parts, equipment and stock from various suppliers around the world. These need to be tracked and packed with other products or components and prepared for delivery to another business or to the end-user, the customer directly. If you have to fulfil a couple of hundred orders a month, you can handle the fulfilment yourself. But if you are looking at thousands or tens of thousands of orders, it becomes a specialised task best left to the experts.

Warehousing Fulfilment

Modern warehousing is no longer static storage and retrieval. It is a dynamic part of the fulfilment process. Your aim is still to find a smooth and cost-effective path for materials and parts to move to your facility and from there to your end-user. Effective warehousing fulfilment will allow you to do that.

Warehousing fulfilment will allow you to cut costs in those non-core parts of your business – storage, stock, tracking and delivery.

Roberts Transport

When you think about transport, you see a man with a van and a clipboard. We at Roberts Transport are a bit more than that. Let’s look at our warehousing fulfilment operation.

We are based in Greater Manchester, close to the great port of Liverpool, and part of an integrated transport system that connects with the rest of Great Britain.

Our hub is a fulfilment facility because this 2.5-acre centre was purpose-built to offer the full range of services, from cost-effective storage to seamless fulfilment. We have a dedicated team to help you create the perfect fit for your business.

We also offer pre-distribution cross docking where your goods are unloaded and sorted, then parcelled and shipped to customers. This means your goods spending as little time as possible in the warehouse. Or you may need post-distribution cross-docking, which means your stock is stored until the exact nature of the orders is finalised.

Cross-docking is used in conjunction with decoupling, where you create a buffer of stock to meet unexpected surges in demand or changes on the customer side.

With Roberts Transport you will gain the benefits of a number of added-value services. These include component assembly and flexible product customisation to cater for last-minute changes in customer demands. We will even do reverse logistics to meet your recycling goals.

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At Roberts Transport we are serious about adapting our services to meet your needs. Contact Us and we’ll be glad to discuss your warehousing fulfilment needs.

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